2015          2016

Layers of fabric symbolize layers of meaning in this new collection by Mai-Gidah.


Tapping into his personal journey, Ali Alec Abdulrahim recalls the struggles and bumps in the road he faced after leaving his native Ghana. The garments and their finishes serve as recollections of his roots, reflected in the earthy tones combined with white and black; a token of the clashing of innocence and the unknown.


The use of a textured criss-cross pattern is a means of expressing his personal, winding path.


Recurring details that run through this AW 2015 collection are another interpretation of “re-collection”. Mai-Gidah’s familiar signature round cuts are prominently there yet the shape is more refined and tailored. Unconventionally placed seams give each garment a strong DNA. A new element, a subtly draped v-neck, re-appears in a few key pieces, further underlining the connectedness and coherence of the designer’s work.


On jumpers and coats, the pattern of a futuristic skyline in hand-painted tulle, and a rosy-red flower print express this hope. High-waisted trousers that can be worn low and coats with built-in gloves that can be left unused are also testament to the designer’s adaptable and flexible mentality.


But there’s always a determined mind behind the aesthetic. Unable to find the specific red he was looking for, Ali Alec set about mixing and developing the hue himself. Using that colour in paneling that also incorporates an abstracted compass, it signifies his internal fire, the desire that guides him to reach his goals.



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