Short length Bomberjacket made in Alcantara fabric and waxed cotton.


    A hidden button-row, 2 side-pockets and 1 red button, combined with a double pocket and clasp-detail, 2 ribbons and a cropped back-panel give this jacket, inspired by a regular bomberjacket , a wearable but experimental look.


    The jacket has no lining so perfect for a cool summer's night or bright spring-morning.


    Alcantara is a high tech fabric exclusively made by the Alcantara company in Italy. It's an entirely carbon-neutral synthethic fabric.

    The fabric hasa faux-suede feel and look but is breathable and light.


    Price: £ 885.00


    Only 1 size available, and it's a generous Medium. (Contact us for any size-alterations.)


    The coat is hand-made in England.




Short Bomberjacket

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